How to improve your search visibility

What is search visibility? ; it is about how easily your website is found on the first page of Google for related search terms when your ideal persona moves through the purchasing funnel.

Above 90% of consumers come to a search engine before they make a purchase of product or service. Therefore, if you are not found on Search Engines, your customers won’t find you. It is becoming increasingly complex to develop and maintain adequate visibility on the search engine. Search engines have been raising the bar over the years while the number of websites also increasing.

It is also a fact that 95% of the people do not look beyond the first page of a search engine. This article is going to discuss key strategies to adopt across organic and search space.

Define your ideal customer and persona.

The first and most crucial starting point of your strategy is to understand and define your personas. It should go beyond just demographics and try to understand likely journey they go through. It is different from business to business and industry to industry. Some business can have many customer personas, and they could follow a slightly different journey.

It is not about SEO vs SEM ( Paid).

Often we think of marketing channels and not about the customers perspective. In reality, what is more, important is to have a presence when potential customers are searching for product and services. If you have blind spots with your organic presence, it is sensible to fill that gap with paid search campaigns while you have a long term road map to improve the SEO for such search terms. When you have budget constraints, you must prioritise search terms and keywords with weak organic visibility for a paid search. Both SEO and SEM should complement each other.

Comprehensive audit to identify the gap.

Once you have identified your customers, the next step is to conduct keyword research and identify topics and search terms for each stage of the customer journey. Customers search very differently, and they seek a different content format for each sage of the journey. Early in the purchasing journey, you might read long-form content such as blogs for inspiration and ideas. And towards the lower funnel, they are making product or service comparison where infographics could be the best fit.

Work on low hanging fruits for SEO.

It is near impossible to dominate the SERP for all the topics and searches terms that you want to target. Also, we have to assess the likelihood of ranking on the first page of Google looking at the domain authority of competing sites and keyword difficulty. If the keyword difficulty is above 45, it is going to require many resources to achieve results. However, if you pay close attention and perform careful analysis, it is quite possible to find search terms and topics where your rank between 11-20. By focussing on these areas, will enable you to see results in soon and potentially to move on to the harder one gradually.

Develop a long term road map for SEO.

When you have achieved quick wins, don’t lose the sight of long term goals of ranking for highly competitive keywords and topics. It requires to have a clearly defined strategy and a road map. It takes time to develop your website with rich content and improve the authority by building links.

Now you have a good understanding of the direction you should take if you want to improve the visibility of your website. Each of these steps entails many tasks, and we are going to discuss them in details in a future article. If you are business who have a new website or your search visibility is poor, RISING digital are happy to help you and take you through the journey.

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How to improve your search visibility

What is search visibility? ; it is about how easily your website is found on the first page of Google for related search terms when your ideal persona moves through the purchasing funnel.

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